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Enactment of Korean Medicine and Pharmaceutics Promotion Act
The act designed to develop Korean Medicine by specializing the characteristics and merits to manage and promote effectively was formulated in Aug 2003. The first independent law on KM providers the bodies concerned with the statutory authority to concentrate on supporting and developing it at a government level.
The 2nd Five-Year Comprehensive Plan for Promotion and Development of Traditional Korean Medicine
The plan for implementing the Korean Medicine and Pharmaceutics Promotion Act was announced by the Ministry of Health & Welfare in Mar. 2011. It aims at scientific development and globalization of KM through advancing medical care, strengthening the management of herbal medicine, industrializing and innovating R&D.
Public Health Project of Korean Medicine
The project is to enhance health of the residents of the community by providing them with medical care and health improving programs of Korean Medicine at the public health center. It is designed to meet the increased demand for the KM due to the growing number of patients of chronic and intractable diseases and the ageing of the population. Some KM doctors were committed to the public health center in farming and fishing area in 1998 and the enforced area was extended to 206 public health centers in 2011. The government financially and Administratively support the project.
Medical Services Activities
Some KM doctors render the medical services without charge to those in the lower income brackets, the aged and infirm of the country. Others organized Korean Medicine Service Team Abroad(KOMSTA) in 1993 have been in full blast in sending over 117 medical service teams to more than 27 countries, as of 2012, establishing Korean Medicine hospitals, where they have left good impression of KM on the peoples of the world through the humanitarian activities. Besides the short-term services, Korean Medicine doctors named ‘International cooperation doctor’ are dispatched to foreign countries by the government and take medical treatment for the term of two years in the hospital designated by the country concerned. This project is a part of the international cooperation of the Korea International Cooperation Agency(KOICA).
Continuing Education
The association administers the continuing education for KM doctors, which is committed by the Ministry of Health & Welfare according to the medical law(article 28) and the constitution of the association as a part of extended education for lifetime to improve the competence of the members as medical professionals. All the members except those exempted shall complete the programs and acquire over 8 credits every year.