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The Society of Korean Medicine

The Society named “Society of Eastern Asian Medicine” was found in 1955. And it was renamed as “the Society of Korean Medical” 2013. The Society in published its scientific journal in 1963. The society takes the initiative in scientific research and exchange of knowledge of Korean Medicine. Financially and administratively been under the auspice of AKOM, the Society set up for itself in 1999. (Website is www.koms.or.kr) There are many societies with regular and associate memberships. 36 subsocieties are accredited as regular members and 11 as associate as associate members.

Regular Members

  • The Society for Meridian & Acupoint
  • Korea Society Meridian Diagnosis
  • The Korean Society of Oriental Pathology
  • The Korean Society of Oriental Medical Physiology
  • The Korea Association of Herbology
  • Korean Medical Association of Clinical Sanghan-Geumgwe
  • The Society of Sports Korean Medicine
  • Korean Association of Traditional Oncology
  • Korean Pharmacopuncture Institute
  • The Korean Society for Oriental Preventive Medicine
  • The Korean Academy of Medical Gigong
  • The Korean Medicine Association of Stroke
  • The Korean Acupuncture & Moxibustion Medicine Society
  • The Korean Society of Oriental Internal Medicine
  • The Society of Oriental Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • The Association of Pediatrics of Korean Medicine
  • The Korean Society of Oriental Neuropsychiatry
  • Korean Oriental Medical Ophthamology & Otolaryngology & Dermatology
  • The Korean Academy of Oriental Medical Thermology
  • Korean Medical Institute of Dermatology & Aesthetics
  • The Korea Institute of Oriental Medical Informatics
  • The Korea Institute of Oriental Medical Diagnostics
  • The Korean Academy of Oriental Medicine Prescription
  • The korean medical classics
  • The Institute of Korean Hyung Sang Medicine
  • The Society of Sasang Constitutional Medicine
  • Somun Oriental Medical Society
  • Korea Society of Chuna manual Medicine for Spine & Nerves
  • Korean Society of the Medical History
  • The society of Korean medicine for obesity research
  • Korean Association of Oriental Rehabilitation Medicine
  • The Association of the Spine&Joint Korean Medicine
  • Association of Spinal Manipulation& Diagnostic Method
  • Korea Immuno-Yakchim Society
  • Traditional Korean medicine Society of Insurance medicine
  • Association of TMJ Balancing Medicine