AKOM - The Association of Korean Medicine


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Research Institute of Korean Medicine Policy
- Collecting and analyzing of internal and external medical policy / Research healthcare promotion business
Office of Planning & Legal affairs
- Formulating policies and plans
- Improving and developing medical institutions and social welfare
- Protecting rights and interests of the association and members
Office of Public Relations
- Public Relations/Collecting materials and Publishing for PR
Bureau of General Affairs
- Managing Documents/Personnel affairs of the employee/Budgeting/ Welfare of the employee/Membership fee and miscellaneous
- Promote cooperation with related-body in domestic
- Computerizing medical affairs and business / Operating web site
Bureau of Medical Insurance, Medical Healthcare & Pharmaceutical and Academic Affairs
- Institution and policy of medical insurance/ Industrial disasters and car insurance
- Medical Policy / Domestic medical services / Public health doctor and medical officer in the military / Improve hospital(clinic) of KM / developing medical and social security system
- Collecting information of Korean Medicine / Improving quality of KM Products
- Holding Symposiums / Promoting Scientific Research / Implementing Continuing Education / Executing the national examinations committeed by the government
- International exchange of knowledge and information / Dispatch of members and medical services
Bureau of Editorial
- Manufacturing and publishing journal of the association
- Advertising related traditional korean Medicine