AKOM - The Association of Korean Medicine


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Related Bodies

Ministry of Health and Welfare(MW) www.mw.go.kr
As a government organization serving the public’s needs of health and welfare, the Ministry implements tasks to improve the quality of life. There is a bureau for KM established in 1996.
Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine www.kiom.re.kr
KIOM is a government institute to conduct research of KM. It provides the government and bodies concerned with scientific and technical information on KM.
National Medical Center https://www.nmc.or.kr/main.asp
NMC is a medical center affiliated to MW. The center carries out research and investigation as well as medical treatment.
Korean Oriental Medical Hospital Association www.komha.or.kr
KOMHA is an association for KM hospitals which are specialized in various diseases, equipped with modern medical instruments.
National Development Institute of Korean Medicine http://www.nikom.or.kr/main.jsp
NIKOM is a public institution engaging in activities to promote the industry and contribute to public health and economy through KM.

Associate Members

  • Korean Fermentation Oriental Medicine Society
  • The Korean Medicine Academy of Family Medicine
  • The Allergy & Immunity Academy of Korean Oriental Medicine
  • Korean Medical Institute of Acupotomy
  • The Korea Traditional Medicine Society of Pain Control & Drug Delivery System
  • Korean Society of Oriental Medicine Anti-Aging
  • Pulse & Wave Diagnosis Association
  • Association for Laser Therapy in Traditional Medicine
  • The Korean Traditional Medical Visceral Shape for Sonograph Institution
  • Korean Medicine Facial Rejuvenation Society
  • Korean Oriental Medicine Naturopathy Institute