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Welcome to AKOMThe Association of Korean Medicine
For all those who have visited this website, I welcome you sincerely.

Hello, this is Joo Eui Hong, the 44th elected president of Association of Korean Medicine(AKOM).

AKOM is a membership organization representing around 27,000 Medical Doctor of Korean Medicine who contribute to improving the health and quality of life of the people and strive for the development of Korean Medicine.

Korean Medicine shares its history with the birth of our ancestors and it continues to be developed through researches and modernized treatments such as pharmaco-puncture, electro-acupuncture and chuna therapy which has its foundation on basic treatments on acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping and herbal medicine.

In line with this context, Medical Doctors of Korean Medicine are putting efforts to incorporate value of Korean Medicine in the wave of the fourth industry revolution with modern technology. Some of the outstanding progresses are developing diagnostic devices like 3D pulsator, Tongue Diagnosis System model, and setting a ground for medical database with the blood test implementation. All these approaches are aimed to bring Korean Medicine to be part of national health insurance coverage.

In addition, korean medicine clinics and hospitals nationwide also contribute to the enhanced level of healthcare by prescribing safe and qualitative K-Herb which goes through strict quality control at hGMP facilities certified by KFDA. However, there are still many issues to be addressed that pertains to the patient’s freedom of choice on healthcare service. This may specifically refer to Medical Doctors of Korean Medicine claiming rights on use of medical devices and expansion of their role in primary care.

Association of Korean Medicine will tackle these challenges and pave a way for the public to not face any inconvenience in using Korean Medicine clinic and hospital. In addition, we will continue to be open with communication and convey news and information to all our members.

Lastly, on behalf of Medical Doctors of Korean Medicine, we give our words to stand as “healthcare gate-keeper” and will be welcoming all kinds of feedbacks and support including both compliments and reproaches.

Thank you